1]. Visit uShaka Marine World in Durban
uShaka Marine World Incorporates fresh and sea water, natural materials, the re-creation of a wreck of a 1940's cargo ship, with the 5th largest aquarium in the world by volume of water, coupled with indigenous African imagery, lush vegetation and maritime images of the Port of Durban, plus a water slides amusement park, uShaka is a complete 'Marine World'


2]. Watch a rugby match at Kings Park
Kings Park Stadium currently hosts The Natal Sharks (the slightly adapted name given to the above rugby team when they compete in South Africa's main domestic rugby competition, the Currie Cup and the Super 14 tournament).


3]. Play a round of golf at Windsor Park Municipal Golf Course
Windsor Park is a hugely appealing course to play - it is not easy but its demands are not beyond the reaches of average golfers. The layout is heavily treed. It is the trees, which more than any other factor dictate the playing strategy at Windsor. It is a very attractive golf course planted with enough evergreens to avoid ever looking bleak, even in autumn.


4]. See and be seen at The Vodacom Durban July
The excitement of Vodacom Durban July Day surpasses that of any other event on the African continent. 56 000 people are expected at Greyville to witness South Africa’s best thoroughbreds storm down the home straight to the finish of the R2 million, Grade 1 Vodacom Durban July. If you haven't secured reservations, there are many casual restaurants, including Greyville's popular Al Fresco area, The Paddock, where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere.


5]. Try your luck gambling at the Suncoast Casino
If winning is on your agenda, then the 7 000 m² casino, with both smoking & non-smoking facilities, 1250 slot machines and 50 game tables (Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Punto Banco and Dice), the Suncoast is just the place to go! Luxurious Salon Privé, private gaming rooms, ample food and bar facilities - time spent at the Suncoast is always great fun.


6]. Take a rickshaw ride along the beachfront
There are only about twenty registered ricksha-pullers in Durban. They are noted for their magnificent head-dresses resplendent with beads and other decorations. A great way to get around and feel like a real tourist. This fleet of 'tuk-tuk' type three-wheelers has augmented public transport in the city and is a wonderful way to see the "Golden Mile", the 6 kilometres of
Durban Beachfront.


7]. Shop for spices at the Victoria Street market
There are around 180 stalls selling basketwork and brassware, wood articles as well as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. The stalls' main attractions are the exotic spices imported from India. They will transform your curries to fabulous!


8]. Visit the Mangrove Swamps - On the North Bank of the Mgeni River
The area is used as a Nature Conservation Education Centre. The black mangrove, the red mangrove, and the white mangrove may be seen. On the shoreline, there are sand dunes where creeping plants and pioneer scrub are to be found. There is some birdlife, including the Mangrove Kingfisher, Curlew and Water Dikkop. The Natal Nightjar may sometimes be heard. With the help of Lions International, a boardwalk has been built over the channels to gain access.


9]. Buy Zulu crafts and artwork at the beachfront market
Spend a few hours browsing around the
Durban beachfront market. You will find wonderful examples of traditional beadwork and basketry for sale at incredibly low prices.


69]. Visit the West Street Mosque
The mosque is a striking example of an Edwardian interpretation of Islamic architecture. It is said to be slightly off-course with the line of West Street, so that the faithful can face Mecca directly in prayer. 478/484 West Street.


70]. Browse around Point Waterfront Flea Market
Spend time at the Point Waterfront Flea Market. This area boasts a variety of restaurants, live entertainment and restored beautiful terraced cottages.

71]. Visit the Durban Cultural Centre / Durban Cultural & Documentation Centre
The centre documents the history of the Indian community and includes information about indentured Indians and Gandhi in
South Africa. There are also displays of cultural artifacts, paintings, culinary art, traditional clothing and jewellery.


72]. Take part in a cycle race
Ride in the AmaShovaShova Bike Race.
The Pick 'N Pay Amashovashova cycle race is is one of the oldest classic cycling race in South Africa. The AmaShovaShova race starts at the
Pietermaritzburg City Hall and follows the same route as the Comrades Marathon, finishing at the Suncoast Casino.
Annually in October.


73]. Visit Funworld
Visit Funworld - Durban's only amusement park, situated on the Marine Parade opposite the Edward Hotel. It is filled with exciting rides, bumper cars, and children's carousel and kiddie's rides. It has been a favourite with children for years.


74]. Visit the Emmanuel Cathedral
This building is situated near Victoria Street market and attracts hundreds of visitors daily. It has many fine wall reliefs of the ‘stations of the cross’ donated by Empress Eugenie in remembrance of her son Louis Napoleon.


75]. Visit the Elizabeth Gordon Gallery
Considered to be one of Durban’s leading commercial galleries, housing an excellent mix of fine art and framing, done to museum standards. The gallery is found at 66 Windermere Road. Telephone: 031 303 8133.


76]. Visit the Mitchell Park Zoo
A year round display of bold and contrasting colours surrounds the main walk from the tea garden to the entrance. An extensive collection of exotic birds, tropical fish, small animals and reptiles are housed in a pleasing setting.


77]. Visit Fort Victoria
The very sparse remains of Fort Victoria can be found on Camperdown Road on the Point. Built in 1839 to protect a British occupation, it was captured by the Boers on 26 May 1842. The siege of the Old Fort and Dick King’s historic ride are part of the story.


78]. Chill out with The Red Hat Groove Nights
Chill out with The Red Hat Groove Nights. Sip on a cocktail and absorb the soul jazz or shake that booty as The Red Hat Man cranks it up with soulful sounds. Every Thursday, 8pm at The Jazzy Rainbow, 93 Goble Road, Morningside, Durban.




79]. Rock climb on the climbing wall at Gateway
Gateway Indoor Climbing Rock at Gateway Theatre of Shopping in Umhlanga Rocks. Indoor rock wall 22.5 meters in height. 30 Routes grades 9-28 and fully bolted for lead climb. Telephone: 031 5709200


80]. Take a stroll down Victoria Embankment to the statue of Dick King
In memory of Dick King who in 1842 rode from Durban to Grahamstown to warn the British authorities in the Cape that the garrison in Durban had been besieged by the Boers.

81]. Watch a game of cricket at Sahara Stadium Kingsmead.
Kingsmead is a 25 000-seater stadium located within walking distance of Durban’s famed Indian Ocean shoreline. Now home to the Nashua Dolphins, games are played regularly during the summer season and Castle Corner is a superb place to watch the Boxing Day Test!


82]. Rollerblade on the promenade.
If you own a pair of rollerblades, put them to use by blading along the promenade.  The
Durban beachfront has a paved promenade which is perfect for an evening rollerblading session.


83]. Try on an Indian Sari.
Indian clothing is known for its colorfulness and grace. Traditional outfits for women such as the sari bring out the essence of femininity. The sari is a rectangular piece of cloth, five to six yards in length. The material can be cotton, silk or synthetic and is used during Indian ceremonies. The sari reveals the woman’s midriff and belly button and is worn with a ‘choli’. The choli is a tightly fitted short blouse. Many Indian women wear saris as their everyday dress, with very ornate saris for special occasions. Head to the Victoria Street Market to view and try on these beautiful garments.


84]. Watch the end of the Hansa Powerade Dusi Canoe Marathon.
The Hansa Powerade Dusi Canoe Marathon is South Africa's biggest and most prestigious canoeing event.  Paddlers start the marathon in Pietermaritzburg and the event ends 3 days later at the Umgeni River mouth.


85]. Visit the Durban Art Gallery.
The gallery has a fine collection of national & international artworks in all media, focusing on contemporary South African artwork. They can be found at 2nd floor, City Hall, Smith Street.


86]. Catch the Ricksha Bus.
Simply hop on and off the bus anywhere along the route and explore the beachfront at your leisure.


87]. Visit King Goodwill Zwelethinis homestead at Umbelebeleni.
The current king is a direct descendant of uShaka and combines a western sophistication with a revival in Zulu culture and traditions. He was born on 27th July, 1948 and has lived through and ruled over his people during the darkest days of oppression and Apartheid. He has now become the first Zulu King to serve Zulus in a free, democratic, non-racial South African society headed by a Black Government. The praise names of the King are called out early in the morning. 


88]. Watch the South African Open Tennis tournament at West Ridge Park.
The reborn event, which was considered second only to the four Grand Slam tournaments during the halcyon years of South African tennis in the 1970s, has been re-launched at the West ridge Stadium in Durban as a Challenger tournament on the ATP circuit.


89]. Fly a kite on the beach.
Try your skill at flying a kite on the beach! Its more difficult than it looks.
If you don’t own your own kite, buy a cheap and cheerful plastic version at one of the beachfront shops and try it out on the beach. Be careful to not get it tangled in the fishing lines! Lots of fun for kids of all ages and a great afternoon out!




90]. Eat a Flake 99 on the beach.
After you've tried out your new kite, buy a Flake 99 from the ice-cream van and eat it sitting on the sand.  Who needs Haagen Dazs!

58]. Attend a Shembe community festival at Ebuhleni
Attend a Shembe community festival at Ebuhleni. Shembe’s citadel, overlooking the Inanda dam, is a communal establishment that sheltered the landless and disinherited during the apartheid years and is renowned as a model of black self-advancement, with a vigorous crafts-based work ethnic. Ceremonies display a great richness of Nazarite attire, ritual & symbolism.


59]. Visit African Blown Glass in Assagay
Furnace blown handmade glassware and stained glass. Telephone: 031 7681154.


60]. Scuba dive
If you are a certified scuba diver, explore the Ovington Court (1940) wreck. Located in front of Addington Hospital, approximately 50m offshore.

61].  Watch a show at The Playhouse Theatre.
This building was started as a picture palace in 1896, but was rebuilt in 1927 in Tudor Revival style and has a mock façade showing a Tudor town. There are five venues for performances, including the opera, drama theatre, cellar, loft and studio.
Address: Smith Street, opposite the City Hall.
Box office: 031 369-9596 or 369-9540


62]. Play a round of miniature golf
Enjoy a round of miniature golf at 19th Hole Putting, Blue Lagoon. Open from 9am until late.


63]. Browse around an Antique Shop
Shop for antiques at the Almost Antique Shop. Dealers in old restored cottage furniture with a South African flavour. They specialise in unusual pieces.


64]. Visit Currie’s Drinking Fountain
Visit Currie’s Drinking Fountain. This is a significant historial memorial in catalogue cast iron of the Victorian period. The actual ‘fountain’ was an artesian well at the Currie’s fountain site below the botanical gardens. The site was a starting point for many political marches into Durban. The site can be found on the corner of West Street and Point Road.


65]. Display your musical talent
Display your musical talent with the Open Mic night at Coco’s in Umhlanga.


66]. Visit the Maritime Museum
Visit the Maritime Museum - Built on a small tugboat, in Durban s small craft harbour. The museum has several old ships on display including a World War 11 minesweeper (SAS Durban) , a steam tug ( the I.R. Moore) and a pilot boat (the Ulundi).
Hours: Mon - Sat 8: 30am- 4:00pm, Sun 11:00am - 4:00pm.


67]. Have brunch at Beanbag Bohemia
Guy Wood opened Bean Bag Bohemia in 1995 as a Café Bar and Restaurant. It comprises a two storey National Monument building, built in 1885, and an open courtyard area with alfresco dining. The restaurant has grown over the last ten years to become a nationally known institution. It has strong ties with the arts, creative industries and politics. It has become home to the many interesting and trend setting people of Durban and is always on the list for any out of town visitor to Durban.



68]. Visit the Bayside Gallery
This is a private gallery found in the Bat Centre (Bartel Arts Trust Centre) near the Maritime Museum. They specialize in contemporary South African art and crafts.
Call 031 368 5547 for more info.



47]. Watch the A1 Grand Prix
If you are visiting Durban in January, make sure you head to the beachfront to watch the A1 Grand Prix.  The speed and noise of the cars makes this a spectacular event.


48]. Circus Circus
Have a Honey and Horlicks milkshake at Circus Circus in Musgrave Centre.


49]. Visit the Burman Bush Nature Reserve
This small remnant patch of coastal bush gives the visitor an opportunity to see what Durban was like when the early settlers first arrived. There is abundant bird and plant life. There is a 500 meter walk with 15 observation points. Resource centre, toilets, picnic sites, braai facilities and ample parking.


50]. Spend a few hours at the KZNSA Gallery
This superb gallery has taken up residence in the lush surrounds of Bulwer Park and now houses not only three separate exhibition spaces, but an unusual gift shop and a restaurant as well. The new building, with its interplay of interior and exterior space makes this a perfect - and not to mention, highly popular - spot to soak up a little cafe culture.

Lovers of art can now stroll through the main gallery, the mezzanine and photographic galleries, drool over the glittering array of arts and crafts goodies, or linger over a raspberry cheesecake and a cappuccino in the arts cafe. The gallery, one of the country's oldest, remains one of the strongest forces in Durban's art world. Many young artists have launched a fulfilling career at one of the KNSA fortnightly exhibitions. Besides providing a platform for local artists, the KNSA also has an extensive outreach programme. Bulwer Road -

51]. Take a tour of the Assagay Coffee Farm..
There is also a coffee shop for tasting open on weekends from November 26th.


52]. Visit the Bluff Nature Reserve & North Park Nature Reserve
There are two bird hides for bird watching and a trail has been laid out. Waterfowl life is fantastic in the large pond. Duiker and small mammals such as mongoose occur. Ablution facilities, parking and a picnic site.


53]. Sundowners at The Beverley Hills Hotel
Relax on the very comfortable couches at the Beverley Hills Hotel and enjoy a glass of chilled white wine while looking at the waves crashing onto the beach.


54]. Walk The Golden Mile or Golden 6km
It’s a popular self guided walking tour that received its name from the Portuguese explorers who referred to the sea sand along the coast in this area as the ‘Sands of Gold’. This walking tour normally commences at Natal Command, which is located at the corner of Argyle & Snell Parade. You need to walk in a southerly direction along the Snell Parade, which later becomes Marine Parade.


55]. Visit the Firkin Hophouse Micro Brewery & Pub
Visit the Firkin Hophouse Micro Brewery & Pub which is located at the Pavilion Shopping Centre. A 15 minute tour and beer tasting are available.


56]. Visit the Chef Mushrooms Farm Stall in Assegay
Take a drive to the Chef Mushrooms farm stall in Assagay, located on a working mushroom farm, you will be able to purchase fresh mushrooms and mushroom products! Free.



57]. Visit the tomb of Padsha Pir, one of two Islamic saints who lived in Durban
He was especially known for his good works and the regeneration of Islamic principles amongst the Indian community.

34]. Snorkel at Vetch’s Pier
Go snorkeling at Vetch’s Pier (800m North of the harbor entrance).


35]. Take a look at the John Ross Statue
Erected in memory of John Ross who in 1827 walked from Durban to Delagoa Bay (a distance of 960 kilometres) to fetch medical supplies for the settlement of Durban.


36]. Visit the Umgeni River Bird Park
Spectacular waterfalls and lush vegetation form a magnificent backdrop at this fine bird park. Set on the bank of the Umgeni River, it displays more than 400 species of birds. Refreshments and light meals served in the tea garden. Catering is provided for children's parties. Free flight bird show 11am and 2 pm daily (except Mondays). Open 9am to 5pm. Telephone: 031 5794600


37]. Visit the Japanese Gardens
Located on Tinsley Drive in Durban North, an outing to the Japanese Gardens is a pleasant afternoon excursion. Phone 031 563 1333 for more information.


38]. Try fishing off the end of North Beach pier
You might even land the big one!


39]. Have lunch at Joe Kools
Have lunch at the world famous, newly renovated Joe Kools. Situated right on the beach, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon.


40]. Stroll the stalls at Essenwood Craft Market on a Saturday
The region’s foremost craft, art, treasures and collectables market takes place every Saturday morning under the trees a stone’s throw away from Musgrave Centre. Be sure to visit the Art Stand which is a one-stop arts, leisure, theatre, gallery and event info stand. In-between shopping, there is a comprehensive tea garden with an array of brunch and tea time delights, as well as children’s activities and a playground.


41]. Eat a Curry at Jaipur Palace
Voted as one of the top 100 restaurants in South Africa, Jaipur’s breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean, its exquisite Indian delicacies and serene surroundings has been luring discerning diners time and again over the past eight years. Jaipur Palace leaves nothing to be desired. Visit us and experience India out of India. Address: Suncoast Casino Boulevard, Durban. Bookings: 031 332 2767


42]. Go for a walk in Mitchells Park
The well established gardens are a great place to spend an afternoon on a hot, humid summer’s day.


43]. Swim in the pool at the top of the Royal Hotel
Go for a swim in the pool at the top of the Royal Hotel - its free, and the view is fantastic.


44]. Eat a real Curry
Eat a real curry at the Sea Belle restaurant after which you can ...


45]. Snorkel at La Mercy
Situated about 200 - 300m south of the Sea Belle Restaurant and 600m offshore.


46]. Browse through the shops at the night time market at The Stables.
Every Wednesday, Friday 18h00 -22h00 and Sundays 12h00 - 18h00. Originally, this building was used as a stable. The stables have been converted into craft market display stalls. There is a wide variety of pottery, art, clothing, books and antiques on display. Wonderful and exotic food is the real reason to go there. Free secure parking. Telephone: 031 3019900.


21]. Visit the Old Fort on Fort Road.
The original fort was constructed of mud in 1842 by troops under Captain Thomas Smith.   The garrison was besieged for 34 days by the Boers, resulting in the famous ride to Grahamstown by Dick King and Ndongeni Ka Xoki. In 1858 the facilities were expanded to include an armoury and barracks, and troops remained in occupation until the end of the century.


22]. Visit the Amanzimtoti Bird Sanctuary.
The sanctuary consists of a large expanse of open water surrounded by rolling lawns and gardens on one end, and indigenous riverine forest on the other. An easy half-hour self-guided trail winds itself through the forest and is a haven for birdlife. From any of the three bird hides one has an opportunity of seeing many of the 150 bird species in the sanctuary, such as resident Spurwing Geese, White Faced Duck, Greenback Heron, Giant Kingfisher and Hamperkop.


23]. Support the Natal Sharks.
Buy a Sharks sticker for your car at The Shark Tank shop in the ABSA Stadium.


24]. Swim in the sea.
Nothing beats a swim in the sea, especially the temperate Indian Ocean. Durban's beaches have shark nets so there is no need to check for fins!


25]. Buy biltong - a South African favorite.
Visit Mr Mozzies Butchery on Argyle Road for the best biltong in Durban.


26]. Visit the Addington Hospital Centenary Museum.
The Museum has a wide range of exhibits relating to medicine and nursing history.


27]. Spend the day at the Paradise Valley Nature Reserve.
The Paradise Valley waterfall is one of the most beautiful spots in the Durban district.  There are several good walks, one of which runs alongside the river to the waterfall.  Picnic sites, public toilets, braai facilities, a car park and visitors centre are all available.  Open daily from 7am to 5pm.


28]. Visit the Bellaire Railway Station.
The old station was built from 1876-1878 as one of the first five stations built by the Natal Government Railways.  The present station was built in 1900 and was declared a national monument in 1989.  The station is located on Sarnia Road.


29]. Spend the day at Hazlemere Dam.
Enjoy a day of swimming and braaing in the sun at Hazlemere Dam.


30]. Enjoy a few hours at the Durban Beach Festival.
With shopping, concerts and sporting events on the agenda, there is something for everyone.

31]. Visit the Durban Jewish Club
This attractive old red tiled club was opened in 1913 ‘to provide for the Jews of Durban a centre of assembly for the propagation and development of Jewish thought, Ideals and culture, and for social intercourse.' The club was placed at the disposal of His majesty's and allied forces as a canteen in 1940-45, and during this period over two million members of the services made use of the premises Cnr Old Fort Road and Playfair Road.


32]. Visit the Phezulu Safari Park (Bothas Hill)
A replica of a typical Zulu village with beehive shaped huts. Here a visitor can gain insight into the lifestyle of the Zulu's and see their living quarters and utensils. A typical Zulu dance is performed at the arena for visitors. A traditional lunch is also available. Many water-loving indigenous trees and shrubs are to be seen. Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm daily. Show times: 10:00 - 11:30am, 1:30 - 3:30pm.\



33]. Visit the Bergtheil Museum
This 19th century farmhouse, a national monument, contains an interesting collection of photographs, documents and artifacts relating to the 1848 German settlers.

10]. Join an organized tour of the Indian District
The Indian district is around Grey and Victoria Streets. The Tourist Board organizes a two and a half hour “Oriental Walkabout” of this area, which includes a visit to the Victoria St Market and the muthi market. You can book by phoning +27 (0)31 304-4934.

11]. Sharks Board visit:
The Sharks Board welcomes and encourages visitors to its complex in Umhlanga Rocks where they can view a 25 minute audio visual presentation on the day to day work done by the Sharks Board as well as the important role sharks and other animals play in the marine ecosystem. This is followed by a 20 minute dissection of a shark.


12]. Enjoy an afternoon tea in the Botanical Gardens.
Durban’s Botanical Gardens on the eastern slopes of the Berea ridge that began as a site for growing experimental tropical crops, today offer a herbarium, an orchid house, a Cycad collection, a garden for the blind and a charity tea garden. The tea garden is open from 09h30 to 16h15 daily. Address: 70 St Thomas Road, Durban.


13]. Snorkelling at uShaka Marine World.
Get up close and personal with the marine life - try a snorkeling session at uShaka Marine World.


14]. Watch Live Jazz.
Catch live jazz every Wednesday evening at The Centre for Jazz at the University of
KwaZulu Natal.


15]. A visit to the Durban Natural Science Museum.
Visit the Durban Natural Science Museum - Hosts a number of informative and educational displays of mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. The museum also has an Egyptian mummy. It will provide hours of entertainment for children and adults alike. There is also a coffee shop in the museum. 1st Floor, City Hall, Smith Street, Durban.


16]. Enjoy a cocktail at Billy the B.U.M.S.
This world-class cocktail bar and restaurant (504 Windermere Road, Morningside, Durban) provides imaginative dining, complete with barmen who can spin bottles in the best Tom Cruise Cocktail style! B.U.M’s stands for "Basic Up Market Socialite" and this is the crowd that frequents Billy's, where focus on atmosphere is as important as on the American styled food. Choose a cocktail from the menu, which contains more than 50 exotic and classic mixed drinks, flared up for you by one of Billy’s cocktail bartenders.


17]. Take a trip on the Umgeni Steam Railway (Inchanga Choo Choo)
Trips to Inchanga are on the first and last Sunday of each month twice daily 08h45 and 12h30. Trains leave from Kloof Station (Stokers Arms).


18]. Visit the Juma Musjid
The twin minarets of the Juma Musjid are a striking feature of Grey Street. It is the largest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere, with a floor area of 975 square metres, & the capacity to take an assembly of 4500 worshippers. The mosque is located on the corner of Grey & Queen Street. Call 031 306 0026.


19]. Watch the boys play touch rugby on the beach!


20]. Visit the Fitzsimons Snake Park.
Home to South African and exotic species. Snake feeding on weekends after every venomous snake demonstrations daily: 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 14:30, 15:30. Snake 'touch' demonstrations offered at schools using non-venomous species. Snakebite management lectures offered at hospitals, ambulance companies and medical schools. Telephone: 073 156 9606.

101 things to do in Durban

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The Main Cottage

91]. Go horse riding on the beach.
Join Horseback Beach Rides for an adventure of your life! Enjoy a thrilling walk, trot or gallop across the sand, splashing through the waves. On longer rides, all can enjoy the bareback ride into the ocean at our halfway picnic site, weather permitting! Call Contact Gary at 0842059797

for more information. - Please Note: This activity is no longer under R101.00. Please confirm costs when booking.


92]. Try out the Nissan 4 x 4 Track at Gateway World.
Pushing entertainment to the limits is something that comes naturally to a complex like Gateway. With some of the wildest terrain imaginable right here at your finger tips, extreme motoring enthusiasts will be over heating with excitement. If you are a licensed driver then this 4x4 track is an experience you don't want to miss. The carefully crafted expedition will take you into hidden canyons, through river beds over Surprise ridge and so much more.
Nissan supply you a vehicle and a guide to get you through the 10 min off road track.
Taking you through water traps, sand pits and around the treacherous roll over corner, pushing your vehicle to over a 40 degree tilt! An exhilarating drive, and the memories of the will stay with you for a lifetime.


93]. Visit MiniTown.
MiniTown is situated on the
Durban beachfront, and is  a miniature city replicating Durban. It's fun to view this knee high replica of Durban and it makes a great a family outing. It almost looks like a little toy land, and as the miniature trains and planes move around the kids will be amazed and excited. There is even a miniature harbour with ships, as well as an airport. Mini Town is at 112 snell Parade, Durban.


94]. Have fish & chips at Charlie Crofts Dockside Diner.
The restaurant, named after the Port Engineer who, around 1890 instituted the dredging system for Durban Harbor, offers an extensive pub menu for the lighter style lunches and dinners.


95]. Have tea at The Royal Hotel.
The Royal Hotel is located on Smith Street, and has been in existence for 150 years. It's hard to believe that this haven of grace is right in the heart of a busy cosmopolitan city. There is a quiet sense of restrained elegance which belies the bustle outside; a warm welcome echoes a bygone age of care and comfort in an unhurried mood of luxury. Treat yourself to tea or a light lunch.


96]. Walk along Vetch's Pier.
The pier is close to the entrance to the Durban Harbour, so it's a great view point to watch the ships coming into berth.


97]. Try flow boarding at Gateway World.
There are two Flow Riders (beginner waves) that are great for grass roots entry level into the phenomenal sport of flow boarding. Head to Gateway and give it a try!


98]. Catch a show at The Barnyard Theatre.
The Barnyard Theatre is a great place to watch a show.  A small venue with tables and chairs, pack a picnic dinner or order a takeaway meal to be delivered. 


99]. Watch the Mr Price Pro Surfing Competition.
Head down to North Beach and watch the pros take each other in the waves.




100]. Catch a concert at the Botanical Gardens.
Concerts at the Gardens are held regularly throughout the year.  Pack a picnic and find a shady spot and relax. Carols by Candlelight with the Philharmonic Orchestra is always a popular event.


101]. Shopping and Indian Culture at The Chatsworth Centre.
The Chatsworth Centre is a truly uniquely Indian shopping centre, renowned for its spices, eastern garment and jewellery, the tastiest bunny chows and breyani as well as the experience of true Indian Culture. Situated at 17Joyhurst Street, Chatsworth.


102]. Have a Picnic at Giba Gorge in Hillcrest.
This is an event for the whole family! Pack a picnic afternoon lunch and hitch some bikes. If you are not into having a picnic, you can watch one of your kids ride the water fall trail, your other son jumping on the BMX track and your little one riding around on the grass on the kid's bike - all from the restaurant. Call: 031 769-1527.


103]. Take your dogs for a walk on the beach.
Take you dogs for a walk on the beach. This is one especially for dog lovers. It’s fun for your best friend (the dog) and sea sand is a natural and free way to exfoliate your skin. Don’t forget to shower and moisturize after. The view of the Durban skyline from the beach is amazing and will give you the perfect, free backdrop for super photos. Ansteys Beach and Ushaka Beach dogs are allowed


104]. Lunch at Pot & Kettle in Valley of 1000 Hills.
Take a leisurely drive to the Valley of a Thousand Hills and stop of for brunch or lunch at the Pot & Kettle.


105]. Play pool at get lost at Gateway.
Enjoy a game of pool with friends, and a drink from the bar. a social delight.


106]. Go-carting at Gateway.
Go carting at gateway - An adrenaline rush lapping around the course as you race your friends to win!


107]. Deep sea fishing.
Enjoy a relaxed day on the ocean, and the excitement of reeling in a fish. Then go home to braai your fresh fish as the sun sets. Enquire in Durban and Umhlanga.


108]. Gateway fun fair.
Gateway fun fair - New section open in gateway for the whole family, especially the kiddies. Plenty of rides to enjoy. Also a new 4d experience to be seen.


109]. Imax at Gateway.
Sit and get involved in a film of your choice in front of the huge Imax screen at Gateway Theatre of Shopping.


110]. Gondola Boat Ride.
Enjoy floating along the stream in a romantic gondolier outside of Ushaka Marine world. Pure time out!